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An Ad Hoc Committee Consisting of Eight Helical Pile Manufacturers has Recently Been Formed to Revise ICC-ES AC358 to Bring into Compliance with IBC 2009 - 2012

by HPW Technical Advisory Team Member - Moncef Souissi

May 4, 2011

Mr. Moncef Souissi, the IAS Lab Technical Manager for CTL Thompson in Fort Collins, CO, has been appointed chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee that will be revising the Acceptance Criteria for helical piles - AC358.  Many people in the industry are interested and concerned about the ongoing status of the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC358 for helical piles.  Since AC358 is based upon the 2006 IBC, and with 2009 IBC having been out for quite a while, AC358 needs to be revised and brought current.  In fact, the 2012 IBC is do out at any time, so that makes this issue even more urgent for the industry.

The eight companies comprising the Ad Hoc Committee include:

  • Ram Jack
  • MacLean-Dixie
  • Grip-Tite
  • Chance Civil & Utility Helical Products (AB Chance)
  • HELI-PILE®  Helical Piles and Anchors
  • Foundation Supportworks
  • Patriot Foundation Systems
  • Magnum Piering

CTL Thompson has been retained as the lead consulting firm for the project with Mr. Souissi filling the role of chairman.  “We are going to communicate online via a web log that we recently created,” Souissi commented.  If we need to have a face-to-face meeting, the earliest it would take place will be in late May or early June in Colorado.  We will be tacking the issue of IBC code including the 2012 version.  Our goal is to make our submission to ICC-ES in mid June,” he added.

According to Souissi, the eight committee members will be sharing the expenses associated with the effort to make the necessary revisions.  

Mr. Moncef Souissi