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NEW Supportworks Teams with Thrasher Commercial to Install (9) Helical Piles to Underpin a Storm Water Pump Station in Council Bluffs, IA

The piles were configured with (5) helix bearing plates, and 16-inch diameter holes were augered prior to installation to allow all (5) helix plates to pass the footing . . . learn more here

NEW ECP Teams with Specialty Foundation Systems to Install (1600) Helical Piles for a Large Battery Energy Storage System in the Stifling 100+ Degree Texas Summer Heat

With just a single installation crew, (700) linear feet of pipe were installed per day. By providing cooling equipment and relief crew members, the entire project was completed in just (34) days  . . . learn more here

NEW ECP Teams with Gittins Foundation Specialist to Install Helical Piles as Part of the Restoration Project for an Historic Building in Great Falls, MT

The building was built in 1914, and in 2009 a fire compromised the integrity of several floors.  The team faced very limited access, low head room and all equipment had to be craned into the basement of the four-story building . . . read about it here

NEW  Dalinghaus Construction Installs (33) Helical Piles to Lift & Stabilize a Duplex Near Big Bear Lake in CA

The crew discovered several large boulders that had to be removed before installing the helical piles, but they were successful getting all piles installed and recovering nearly all of the 6” settlement that had occurred . . . read about it now

Techno Metal Post Illiana Installs (65) Helical Piles for a New House & Garage Next to the Fox River in Plano, IL

The soils consisted of soft clays and silt to approximately 17 ft., and ground water was present at approximately 3 ft. below grade . . . learn more here

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HPW Featured Projects

NEW Absolutely Explosive Helical Pile Industry Growth in the Last 8-10 Years - Why No Consolidation Activity Yet?

Since this author began working in the helical pile industry in 2001, the industry has undergone an absolutely explosive amount of growth in the overall annual revenue the industry now generates, also in the number of new helical pile manufacturers in North American along with an enormous increase in the number of contractors that install helical piles and anchors. . . learn more here Adds Installation Contractor Listings for France & the United Kingdom

Helical pile manufacturer and HPW supporter, GoliathTech Piles with headquarters in Magog, Quebec, recently expanded the company’s franchisee network to include France and the United Kingdom with the addition of its first franchisee listings in each country.. . . read about it now by the Numbers - Valuable Resources for the Entire Helical Pile Industry

Since our start in February of 2011, has charted a course designed to help grow the helical pile industry by bringing important information to all the pile manufacturers, distributors, contractors, engineers, code officials, educators and equipment suppliers that comprise our industry . . . more

HPW Takes A Close Up Look at Thirteen Helical Pile Manufacturers’ Products

HPW presents a detailed look at helical pile products manufactured by thirteen of the industry’s leading manufacturers - ECP, Cyntech Group, GoliathTech, Helical Anchors, Inc., Hubbell Power Systems - Chance, IDEAL Foundation Systems, MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Division, Patriot Foundation Systems, PierTech, Ram Jack Systems Distribution, Roterra Piling, Foundation Supportworks, and Techno Metal Post . . . more

Helical Pile Industry 2020 Review and 2021 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included seven helical pile manufacturers and three distributors to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2020 versus 2019.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2021 . . . more

Helical Pile Industry 2019 Review and 2020 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included seven helical pile manufacturers and three distributors to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2019 versus 2018.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2020 . . . more

HPW-DFI Helical Piles Tiebacks Anchors Tradeshow & Educational Seminar Gets Rave Reviews from Attendees & Exhibitors Who Wanted to Know When & Where the Next Event Will Happen

Every once in a while a good idea comes along, and somehow the good idea takes shape and becomes something real with some purpose and value . . . more

Review of Average Installed Helical Pile Prices Across the United States

In 2016 HPW published an article about the results of our initial survey on the average prices in the U.S. for installed 20’ deep helical piles for two applications - new construction piles and remedial/foundation repair piles.  Earlier this year we received an email from a contractor who suggested the prices reported in that  article should be reviewed as he suggested that prices have risen since then - at least in his neck of the woods . . . more

Helical Piles

NEW  A Tribute to an Amazing Person, a U.S. Navy Officer & Engineer, a Civil Engineering Professor, an Author of Multiple Publications, a Multiple Triathlons & Marathons Competitor, a Devoted Family Man and an MVP for the Helical Pile Industry - Samuel Clemence, Ph.D., P.E. . . . more about Sam’s accomplishments here

HPW-DFI Helical Piles-Tiebacks-Anchors Trade Show & Educational Seminar in Bonner Springs Kansas was a Huge Success & Received Very Positive Reviews from Attendees & Exhibitors

Over (240) people from six countries enjoyed two full days of technical presentations from industry experts and live demonstrations of helical pile installations, dynamic and static load tests and equipment manufacturers demonstrations . . . learn more here & watch the drone video

City of Los Angeles has Finally Approved the Use of Helical Piles for New Construction which Includes Seismic Design Categories D, E and F

The approval comes with some conditions that installation contractors and engineers need to understand . . . more

*** 228,158 Helical Piles to be Installed on One Project ***

HPW would like to know if anyone anywhere in the world is aware of a helical pile project where the total number of the helical piles installed was more than 228,158, which is the predicted total to be installed for the Travers Solar Farm Project in Alberta, Canada . . . more

From the Editor

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HPW Industry News Articles

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Helical Pile Manufacturers & Distributors

NEW  Ram Jack is Hosting a Webcast “What You Need to Know about Helical Piles, Capacities & Applications” on Thursday, November 30, 2023 . . . click here to learn more & register

NEW  Danbro was in Attendance at IDEAL’s “Voice of the Customer” Distributor Meeting

The IDEAL Group hosted their national distribution partners for a two-day event in Rochester, NY on October 18th, and 19th  . . . learn more here

NEW Foundations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Techno Metal Post has developed machinery and installation best practices that are environmentally friendly, ensuring flora and fauna remain protected and wildlife habitats and ecosystems are preserved . . . learn more here

NEW  How to Choose a Helical Pile Installer. The IDEAL Way. - by IDEAL’s Bruce Stroyer . . . read it now

NEW  High-Capacity New Construction Foundation on Helical Piles - by Chance Foundation Solutions

Engineers at EBS Geostructural took on this design build of a helical pile new construction foundation, showcasing the advantages of helical piles for high capacity applications. . . read about it here

The Grouted Helical Microple: A Valuable Tool in the Deep Foundation Toolbox - by Danbro V.P. Pat Haffert

Large diameter helicals have justifiably found their place among deep foundation products, however, grouted helical micropiles still offer a viable option when site and soil conditions dictate their use . . . learn more here

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Archived Manufacturer News

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Installation Contractor News

HPW Featured Projects

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Helical Pile Installers

HPW is Pleased to Welcome StraightLine Construction to Our Website

The company was founded over forty years ago in southern CO. and has grown to include five locations covering three states . . . learn more

‘58 Foundations Chattanooga Receives the Better Business Bureau 2023 Torch Award for Ethics . . . read about it here

‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing Wins 2022 Top Workplace Award for Professional Development & Employee Appreciation . . . learn more here

‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing Wins (7) Awards in 2022 Including the Inc. 5000 #1 Ranking for a Construction Company for the Company’s Three Year Growth Rate  . . . read about it now

HPW is Pleased to Welcome Power Lift Foundation Systems to Our Website

With offices in Dallas, TX and Wichita, KS, Power Lift Foundation Systems serves clients in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas and Missouri . . . more

HPW is Pleased to Welcome Earth Tech, LLC - a Geotechnical Services Design-Build Contractor to Our Website

As one of Florida’s largest geotechnical services contracting firms, the company is new expanding to offer services in Georgia and South Carolina . . . more

US HELICALS - a Multi-Faceted Company that Provides Helical Piles and Installation Services for Projects Ranging from Residential to Commercial . . . more

HPW is Pleased to Welcome Coastal Foundations Solutions to Our Website

Coastal Foundation Solutions (CFS) was founded as a marine contractor, Florida Marine Construction, that has serviced the marine construction needs of Southwest Florida for over 30 years . . . more

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